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Comfort equates productivity be it at homes or at business offices. Your cooling and heating system is a vital long-term investment and it should not be compromised. It is essential to have your air conditioning system checked or assessed as well as A/C tune up conducted every season to keep your system operating perfectly well throughout the year.
A comprehensive Air At Your Door A/C Tune Up incorporates all these kinds of services for a very affordable price:

Examine coolant levels and pressure in order to guarantee your system performs at maximum efficiency and reliability.
Calibrate thermostat(s) and inspect appropriate cycle and temperature in order to greatly enhance comfort and control.
Inspect and tighten wiring, replays, capacitors and contacts to refrain from expensive repairs.
Make sure the evaporator coil is tidy and spotless.
See to it that the condense drain is clear.
Evaluate and cleanse the condenser
Assess the outdoor disconnect
Check the condenser fan motor and blades as well as lubricate it if needed.
Inspect compressor amps at startup.
And also further safety and efficiency inspections.

At the time of completion, your competent service technician will definitely provide the A/C Tune Up report and imparts any suggestions as well as possible problems concerning your air conditioning system.

Secure your HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) investment with proper and regular upkeep in the power of our 24/7 Emergency Service.

Call your local Air At Your Door to set up a meeting today by simply calling (305) 885 – 7771.
With our service you come to know how economical it actually is to efficiently maintain your air-conditioning system.



Proper and regular AC repair maintenance can possibly compensate substantial premiums in enhanced system efficiency and also cut down energy expenditures. Furthermore, it supports to prolong the life span of your system parts and equipment as well as aid to avoid expensive and bothersome malfunctions.

The most convenient solution to ensure that your home A/C servicing is carried out effectively is to have it conducted on a regular basis by a certified, skilled and trusted air conditioning service technician.

Amid qualified professional tune- ups, the following are some points that you can possibly do:

Always make sure to unplug electricity power to the unit prior to begin any type of tasks.
Manage to keep the exterior condensing unit free from fallen leaves, clutters and debris.
By having electricity switched off; cleanse the compressor utilizing a garden hose.
Change or wash AC filters base on the manufacturer’s guidelines.
Examine the fan belt tension and assess hose kinks for cracks and leaks.

Your local Air At Your Door expert service technician will be more than pleased to talk about a lot more pointers for upkeeping and respond to any inquiries you have.



Your finances take on a big leap. The accumulation of dust, filth and particles hinders the air from circulating freely all over the ventilation system. It simply implies it performs harder and charges higher to function well. In time, the dilemma merely becomes worsen. Clean the air with air duct clean-up and air vent cleaning support services from the certified, service expert at Air At your Door Company.

Likewise, it’s essential to recognize that the Air At Your Door excellently maintains your overall ventilation system consisting of the HVAC unit, evaporator, blower, coil and accessible units together from the vent covers to the main trunk line of the particular air ducts. Furthermore, it removes the vent covers, cleanse them, and after that places them back in position. Skilled and trusted service technicians clean every component of your ventilation system from duct cleaning to vent cleaning.



Aside from air duct cleaning, our skilled and competent service technician also clear up dryer vents. By getting your dryer vents expertly cleaned habitually will definitely not only economize your expenses in energy efficiency but also it can aid avoid a dryer fire in your home.

Check out for the following manifestations that an air duct clean-up is past due:

Put back vent covers and filthy supply.
Dark filtration lines on the wall surfaces, ceiling, or carpet and rugs that envelops the vents.
Superfluous dirt in the house.
Variety in temperature or air flow all over the house premises.
A surge in the energy required to operate the HVAC system at preferred settings. This may possibly signify that dust and dirt are impeding coils and/or ductwork, restraining circulation and increasing utility bills.
New heater or ductwork.
A current remodel/construction venture.
Water breakage or flooding that arise in the ductwork which might trigger sediment accumulation is the system.

When it pertains to air duct maintenance, Air At Your Door by no means reduces corners. We take pride in what we do and never take it for granted. We also understand that a tidier, healthier home starts in your air ducts.

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